The importance of electrical spotters in Melbourne projects

Electrical spotters are an important part of traffic management and control in Melbourne. Our qualified electrical spotters, approved by Electrical Safety Victoria, play a vital role in keeping workers, pedestrians, and everyone in the area safe from electrical hazards such as underground cables, overhead electricity lines, plants near powerlines, and tram and train lines. These hazards can cause serious injury to people and damage to equipment when not handled carefully.

In Victoria, there are No Go Zones when operating near powerlines. When work is done in or near these zones, an electrical spotter is required for each equipment being used. An electrical spotter will give out early and easily noticeable signals, with a whistle or using hand signals, to an operator whenever any moving equipment gets too close to power assets in the No Go Zones.

STA Traffic Management Solutions’ electrical spotters in Melbourne are certified and trained to stay focused and have steady concentration at all times while an equipment is in operation, in order to prevent any incidents. At the end of projects, we provide risk assessments to improve our traffic management plans in Melbourne and allow our team to increase the level of safety in our services.

STA has been providing traffic management and control services and assistance to local and state government bodies, construction businesses, and event managers for more than 25 years. If you’d like to know more about getting an electrical spotter for your project or information on our services, contact our friendly team today.