The importance of traffic equipment hire in Melbourne

At STA Traffic Management Solutions, we’ve got an extensive range of the latest, high quality Melbourne traffic equipment hire for both small and large scale projects, and short or long term use. Our equipment are compliant with all safety standards, so you can trust that traffic management will be done as best as possible.

We cannot put enough emphasis on the importance of traffic equipment when managing and controlling traffic in Melbourne. Traffic equipment are and should be the most visible signals and directions for pedestrians and drivers, so they need to be in the best working condition in order to keep everyone safe.

We make sure that our traffic equipment are well-maintained and always compliant to the latest rules and regulations. We are also continuously updating to the latest equipment and adding to our range in order to deliver the highest level of service.

Our essential traffic equipment hire in Melbourne include:

  • Truck mounted attenuators (TMA)
  • Variable message signs (VMS)
  • Water barriers
  • Pedestrian barriers
  • Portable traffic lights
  • Flashing arrow boards

If you’re unsure of which types and the quantity of traffic equipment you need for your project, we’ve got an experienced team who can advise you on what is required to keep your operations and the traffic running smoothly. Our goal is to be as safe, efficient, and on budget as possible.

STA Traffic Management Solutions has over 25 years of experience keeping roads, vehicles, pedestrians, and crowds safe for local and state governments, businesses, and events. For more products not listed above or any other queries, contact our friendly team today.