What’s involved with traffic management and planning

The experienced team at STA, including our qualified electrical spotters, can help you develop Traffic Management Plans (TMP) or Traffic Guidance Schemes (TGS) to ensure your project is completed safely, legally, and on-time.

We’ll work with you to assess the site location, traffic flow, and potential hazards, plus advise you on the correct permits and approval documentation needed to start your project. Whether we’re collaborating with you on a TMP or TGS, we align all planning to the Road Management Act 2004 standards and our own quality procedures.

  • Planning your permit application

    A lot of preparation goes into the permit application process, including identifying the difference between Major and Minor roads (i.e. VicRoads or Council Road), determining the duration of the project, undertaking the primary scope of works, and assessing whether you’ll be required to submit multiple permit applications.

    Typically, short-cycle projects (for Council and VicRoads roads) require a compliant TGS for approval; however, a more detailed TMP may be necessary for major, longer-term projects. For timely approvals, we suggest getting in touch with us as soon as possible.

  • Undertaking a comprehensive site review

    We’ll review the project site and scope of works to develop a comprehensive plan using specialised mapping and traffic management planning software. With real-time updates, our plans remain up-to-date and reflect the most recent changes, including new roads.

    STA’s Traffic Management plans indicate key signage, site entry and exit points, bollard tapers and more. Major projects requiring a TMP always involve a full site review by one of our Operations Specialists.


  • Lodging your application for permits

    Once you have an accurate and compliant TMP or TGS, we’ll guide you towards lodging your application for permits. VicRoads or Council permits can take up to 15-days to receive; however, we will endeavour to expedite this process for you if shorter lead times are required.

  • The difference between a TMP and TGS

    A TGS is typically an A3 document outlining the necessary contacts, standards (AS1742.3 2009), emergency vehicle and public transport allowances, traffic controller instructions, signage requirements and critical site information.

    A TMP is far more detailed, featuring but not limited to, hazard identification, OH&S, road terrain and other road user considerations, signage and equipment, inspections and reporting, traffic flow and volume, and incident management.

  • Having a plan reduces the risk of hefty fines and unsafe conditions

    Developing a properly considered plan under our guidance can help you to avoid large fines and provide the safest environment for your workers and the public.

    With over 25 years’ experience preparing practical and compliant TGS and TMPs for short-cycle works through to freeway and major works like the Melbourne Metro Tunnel project, the team at STA can assist you in delivering a safe and successful project.

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