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Melbourne road traffic management plans getting the green light

October 19, 2019

Professional road traffic management plans in Melbourne play a key role when it comes to projects getting permits to proceed. If your plan doesn’t get the necessary green light from authorities, then your project can be held up. This can cause costly and frustrating delays. STA Traffic Management Solutions can help you get that all-important…

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Traffic equipment hire for Melbourne projects

August 29, 2019

When it comes to traffic equipment hire Melbourne project leaders know that STA Traffic Management Solutions won’t let them down. Our experienced team recognises that having the right equipment is critical in keeping the public, road users and construction workers safe and notifying people of on-going works. As Melbourne’s one-stop traffic equipment hire provider, we’ve…

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The traffic management planning team for Melbourne’s big projects

July 25, 2019

Any infrastructure project that will affect roads must go hand in hand with a comprehensive traffic management plan. It’s about keeping people safe – those working on the project and the public in its vicinity – while allowing the construction process to continue efficiently. Put simply, Melbourne traffic management plans are pivotal to the city’s…

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The reliable all-weather road traffic controllers keeping Melbourne people safe

May 27, 2019

As the road toll unfortunately continues to climb this year, it’s pivotal that you have a professional team of traffic control experts to assist during roadworks. Ensuring Melbourne road traffic control specialists are part of your city project – whether it involves a major freeway upgrade or a local road improvement – is especially important…

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The Melbourne road traffic management team supporting infrastructure projects

March 31, 2019

Wherever you look in Melbourne, there are major infrastructure projects taking place. And, because we are Melbourne road traffic management experts, we’re enjoying playing our part in keeping workers and the public safe during 2019’s exciting construction projects. With many projects gathering pace this month, our experienced team at STA Traffic Management Solutions has been…

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Traffic control vital during Melbourne’s Chandler Highway upgrade

February 28, 2019

At STA Traffic Management Solutions, we are proud to provide effective traffic control in Melbourne for major road construction projects including the Chandler Highway upgrade. The $110 million upgrade, which aims to improve the flow of traffic in the city’s inner north, includes increasing the highway’s width to six lanes and the creation of a…

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The go-to Melbourne pedestrian management team for Christmas crowds

December 22, 2018

As the silly season moves up a gear there are a lot more people on the streets than normal. They’re striding the streets to cram in last-minute Christmas shopping. They are attending festive events, meeting with family and friends and generally celebrating all that summer has to offer. As a result, you might need to…

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Melbourne’s 24/7 traffic control specialists for emergency situations

November 30, 2018

When an emergency traffic situation arises in Melbourne, you need a 24/7 traffic control team with years of experience that can hit the ground running. After all, delays in emergency situations can be deadly. Often traffic banks up, the area can be hectic with emergency responders and it’s vital to have cool, calm heads to…

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Road traffic control vital during Melbourne’s construction boom

September 22, 2018

With major infrastructure projects on the go across the city, professional road traffic control in Melbourne is an essential part of the equation to keep people safe from harm. The city is growing at the fastest rate of any Australian state capital, making infrastructure upgrades and new transport links necessary to keep up with demand…

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Traffic control equipment hire a safe solution

July 27, 2018

Managing roadworks projects safely and effectively takes comprehensive planning, an experienced team and the right equipment. At STA Traffic Management Solutions our traffic control equipment hire is the perfect partner in the ongoing push to manage traffic smoothly and effectively around projects big and small. When it comes to roadworks projects, organisations have traffic management…

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