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Trailer Mounted Attenuators drivers in Melbourne

Truck and Trailer Mounted Attenuators (TMAs) are trucks or trailers that have a safety appliance fitter to dissipate the energy of a rear-end collision mounted on the rear of the vehicle. This provides a mobile safety barrier in conjunction with advance warning for roadworks, lane closures, maintenance activities and hazards.

TMA can direct traffic into an open and available lane provide protection to work crews and equipment on the work site. They also provide protection for road users in the event of a collision with a TMA unit.

STA Traffic Management ensure all TMA Drivers adhere to Australian Standards and National guidelines for certified and compliant use.

• Australian Standard AS1742.3 ‘ Traffic control for works on roads’
• AS 4192-2006- Illuminated flashing arrow signs
• AASHTO Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware
• AS/NZ ISO 31000 risk management

TMA play a major role at high-risk roadwork activities (road marking, installing or removing raised pavement markers, pavement testing, road inspections and similar operations such as road skid and roughness testing, mowing, installation of signs for road closures).