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Electrical Spotters Melbourne

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Qualified electrical spotters reduce the chance of workers making contact with overhead electricity lines as well as underground assets. Damage to either of these can cause significant injury to workers, equipment and there can be costly ramifications for companies as well.

STA Traffic Management Solutions has electrical spotters who are Electrical Safety Victoria Approved in overseeing the operation of vehicles, equipment and plant in the vicinity of overhead powerlines, underground electrical cables and other underground services.

Our qualified spotters use whistle and hand signals to warn others against potentially unsafe approaches to electrical equipment. STA Traffic Management Solutions can also provide risk assessments as well as traffic management plans.

Electrical spotters from STA Traffic Management can be used on projects throughout Melbourne, Geelong, as well as regional Victoria including Gippsland and the Mornington Peninsula.

For professional expertise and advice regarding the use of electrical spotters contact STA Traffic Management Solutions via email or phone (03) 9687 4044.