How fleet management systems improve Melbourne’s traffic

Managing traffic can be a challenging job and an important responsibility, especially in Melbourne where the amount of pedestrians and vehicles on the road can be quite difficult to manage. At STA Traffic Management Solutions, we make sure that the systems we have in place, such as our fleet management systems in Melbourne, are reliable in order to deliver the highest standards of service and safety that we’ve been known for for over 25 years.

With the range of clients that we have needing traffic control and management in Melbourne for their construction jobs, road detours, or in cases of road accidents, often needing our services with short notice, we need to be able to stay on top of our pool of workers, equipment, and vehicles.

We make use of an automated fleet management software, called Traffio, which shows us data about our equipment and vehicles in real time. With Traffio, we are able to see our fleet’s locations (via GPS), service and repair schedules, site arrival and departure times, and speed restrictions, as well as getting traffic data from our traffic controllers. This makes it possible to send out additional equipment and vehicles as needed in a timely manner.

With the ability to monitor these data in the software right away, we are able to make sure that we are operating at our best and in adherence to OHS&E standards, keeping everyone safe. Additionally, being able to create project reports on site makes getting things done easily and promptly. Weekly or monthly electronic job dockets and invoices can be done through Traffio.

Here’s a quick summary of how Traffio helps STA Traffic Management Solutions:

Equipment tracking

  • Assigning equipment and uniform to individual employees and projects
  • Viewing active or on-site and returned equipment
  • Planning and managing equipment downtime
  • Coordinating equipment tracking with project schedules
  • Managing and viewing current and upcoming equipment maintenance
  • Automatic removal of equipment in maintenance from the system until they are repaired

Fleet management

  • Locating vehicles in real time
  • Live booking with real-time confirmations
  • Vehicle categorising
  • Vehicle documentation
  • Vehicle inductions
  • Managing and viewing current and upcoming vehicle maintenance

If you’d like to know more about our workforce and fleet management systems and why they are important for your next project, visit us at our depot in Yarraville for a demonstration or contact our friendly staff today.