Traffic control for Melbourne clients

Without adequate traffic control in Melbourne around road upgrades, construction projects, events or hazards, the risk to people’s safety increases.

And that’s just not acceptable. Pedestrians, motorists and road workers toiling in close proximity to fast-moving vehicles should not be put in danger due to inadequate safety measures.

STA Traffic Management Solutions has spent the past quarter of a century on the front line of traffic control in Melbourne. We shine a spotlight on safety, delivering a range of quality services to keep people safe in and around traffic.

Imagine there’s a major event that will attract thousands of cyclists or runners to part of the roads network en masse. Or a lane on a major highway needs resurfacing. Perhaps you want to block a section of road adjacent to your major building project to give heavy vehicles access for a morning. These are all scenarios where we can help, providing the necessary traffic control Melbourne clients trust for a great result.

While planned traffic management is a key part of our business, we’re also the team to call when you need emergency control measures put in place swiftly. Our highly-trained and accredited traffic controllers respond to calls for assistance in scenarios including traffic accidents and extreme weather events.

These situations can be chaotic and dangerous for road users and responding emergency personnel including paramedics and police. But our experienced team can help to calmly control traffic movement to reduce the danger levels.

While our controllers are second to none, we also have a large range of safety equipment we use to implement traffic management plans. The range includes truck-mounted attenuators, pedestrian barriers, variable message signs and arrow boards.

At STA Traffic Management Solutions, we take safety seriously. From designing comprehensive plans to manage traffic around projects right through to supplying controllers for emergencies, we’re the team to trust. We understand the industry, compliance and how to reduce safety risks. We’ve also earned a strong reputation for excellence among our clients, which include local and state government bodies, construction companies, event managers and utility companies.

For more information about our traffic control services Melbourne clients can contact us on 1300 25 26 27.