Leading pedestrian management services in Melbourne

Ensuring you have expert pedestrian management for your Melbourne project is vital to keep people safe and work on track.

People on foot can be particularly vulnerable in the vicinity of road upgrades or construction projects. In fact, foot traffic in close proximity to heavy vehicles including trucks and cranes can be a recipe for disaster. And when things go wrong, people can die or be seriously injured and projects can grind to a halt.

But STA Traffic Management Solutions can help minimise risk to workers and the public with comprehensive traffic management plans, experienced traffic controllers and safety equipment. We know just how important safe pedestrian management in Melbourne is to a successful project. It’s a core part of our planning and protection work and we’ve a passion for keeping people safe.

Pedestrian safety is not an afterthought. It involves careful consideration the minute work starts on devising a traffic plan for a project. Whether you’re planning a year-long construction job, a road upgrade, a fun run or a festival, how you deal with foot traffic is a key part of the mix.

Quality safety equipment

Because we have decades of experience, the STA team is firmly placed to deliver expert plans and on-the-round control measures with a focus on foot traffic. These include:

  • Creating pedestrian walkways that are highly visible;
  • Using water barriers and pedestrian barriers to keep vehicles and foot traffic apart;
  • Providing highly-trained traffic controllers to manage the movement of pedestrians, motorists and workers;
  • Safely diverting footpaths and crossings when necessary, ensuring the appropriate safety equipment is used;
  • Controlling traffic at your project site’s entry and exit points onto public roads;
  • And setting up pedestrian exclusion zones on worksites where heavy vehicles or plant are operating.

From safety audits and traffic flow management to quality safety equipment and traffic controllers, we’re your one-stop shop for pedestrian management services in Melbourne.

So what are you waiting for? Turn to STA Traffic Management Solutions for quality services that will keep people safe and your project on track.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 25 26 27 for more information.