The value of qualified electrical spotters for your Melbourne project

Electrical spotters in Melbourne add a crucial layer of protection at worksites where heavy machinery and plant operate close to powerlines.

Their role is to keep people safe from electrocution during projects such as road works and construction. Whether you’re driving a tip truck, operating an auger or managing a mobile crane, a spotter is the ever-vigilant ‘watchdog’ that ensures you don’t get too near those dangerous overhead lines. Their guidance can save lives.

Project leaders across the state capital must employ accredited spotters if work is carried out between 3m and 6.4m of overhead powerlines. It’s part of the State Government’s No Go Zones requirements and aims to minimise risk of electrocution. And that’s a goal all project managers will aspire to – keeping people safe, machinery and equipment operating and projects on track.

At STA Traffic Management Solutions, our experienced electrical spotters are all Electrical Safety Victoria approved in overseeing the operation of plant, vehicles and equipment near powerlines, underground cables and other electrical services.

Safety is paramount

Benefits of using STA spotters include:

  • Our spotters are accredited, trained and experienced in their role;
  • They are clear and timely communicators, using whistles and hand signals to alert people to potentially dangerous environments or electrical equipment;
  • They know how to carefully position themselves so they can see all hazards and effectively determine clearance distances;
  • They carefully monitor the weather and the environment at the worksite
  • And all undergo first aid training.

Spotters can work across many sectors including building sites, rail, civil construction, logistics, agriculture, earthmoving and landscaping.

It doesn’t matter whether your project is about demolition or construction, if you’re lifting or moving equipment in close vicinity to powerlines, safety is paramount. We supply the electrical spotters Melbourne project leaders rely on to keep their employees safe. It’s an important job and one we’re proud to do.

Our team is committed to delivering a quality result every time, from our electrical spotters to our traffic controllers. We are also happy to carry out risk assessments at worksites and help with traffic management plans.

To learn more about our services including our expert team of electrical spotters Melbourne clients can contact us on 1300 25 26 27.