Traffic equipment hire for Melbourne clients

Whenever construction projects, major events and maintenance pose hazards on our roads network, traffic equipment hire in Melbourne is essential.

It’s all about ensuring the safety of workers, road users and pedestrians in the face of changes to traffic conditions. Specialty equipment alerts people to what’s ahead of them on the road and protects them from danger. Quite simply, it’s an integral part of traffic control measures and it can save lives.

At STA Traffic Management Solutions, we have the quality traffic equipment hire Melbourne project leaders can rely on. With years of experience in traffic management, we’ve built an impressive and well-maintained range of equipment to meet your traffic management requirements. And that range is continually growing as we add more items to its ranks to meet demand for new equipment and technology.

Our equipment includes truck-mounted attenuators, variable message signs, pedestrian barriers, water barriers, signage, flashing arrow boards and portable traffic lights.

Competitive prices

Take a drive through Melbourne and you’ll see plenty of evidence of traffic equipment in use. Clients call on STA’s extensive range to assist in situations including fun runs and festivals, road repairs and upgrades, major storm damage, collision sites and construction projects in close vicinity to roads.

For instance, our attenuators are important safety devices that are mounted on the back of a truck or trailer and absorb impact in the event of a collision. Another popular hire is our variable message boards, which alert road users to special events, changes in speed limit, lane closures and more. And flashing arrow boards, which direct traffic around work sites, are also common on our roads.

From water barriers to mobile traffic lights, our equipment is all about keeping people safe – workers, road users and pedestrians. Whether you need it for a two-day festival or a months-long road upgrade, we can help.

If you need traffic equipment hire in Melbourne, trust the experienced crew at STA Traffic Management Solutions. We supply excellent equipment at competitive prices. Please contact us on 1300 25 26 27 for more information.