The reliable all-weather road traffic controllers keeping Melbourne people safe

As the road toll unfortunately continues to climb this year, it’s pivotal that you have a professional team of traffic control experts to assist during roadworks.

Ensuring Melbourne road traffic control specialists are part of your city project – whether it involves a major freeway upgrade or a local road improvement – is especially important during the winter months when the weather can turn nasty.

Rain can make roads slick and reduce visibility, whether you’re in the state capital or on a regional road. Add in roadworks in close proximity to traffic and you’ve got a situation where everyone needs to be extra careful in order to stay safe.

At STA Traffic Management Solutions, we have years of industry experience helping ensure the safety of motorists, workers and pedestrians. Keeping people safe is our priority and we are committed to the task of delivering quality Melbourne road traffic control measures.

It’s been a soul-destroying year so far when it comes to trauma on the state’s roads, with the Transport Accident Commission figures revealing 134 lives lost on Victorian roads to midnight, May 26. The sad tally is a huge jump from the 88 for the corresponding period last year.

We can all play our part in helping reduce trauma on the roads. People must drive to road conditions, pay attention, stay alert and keep to speed limits. They can also take extra care when they’re entering areas where people are working in close proximity to moving traffic – such as roadworks.

With a team of 100 experienced traffic controllers, STA Traffic Management Solutions can set up and quickly organise to ensure any site is as safe as possible. Whether it’s a foggy late-autumn day or a cold, rainy winter evening, our crew can help keep people safe around your roadworks activity.

We also call on our wide range of equipment to help us deliver a quality safety result. From truck-mounted attenuators to variable message signs, water barriers, arrow boards and pedestrian barriers, we’ve got you covered.

If you are after Melbourne road traffic controllers for your roadworks project, talk to the team who delivers quality results on the ground. Contact STA Traffic Management Solutions today for a safe solution.