The traffic management planning team for Melbourne’s big projects

Any infrastructure project that will affect roads must go hand in hand with a comprehensive traffic management plan.

It’s about keeping people safe – those working on the project and the public in its vicinity – while allowing the construction process to continue efficiently.

Put simply, Melbourne traffic management plans are pivotal to the city’s infrastructure improvements and our team plays a valuable part in the process.

Our traffic management plans take all parties into consideration to ensure work can be carried out as efficiently and swiftly as possible. With years of experience in the industry, you can rest assured the plans we deliver meet the requirements of regulatory bodies and ensure the safety of members of the public and workers.

Whether it is road upgrades or major building projects, if it is near vehicle or pedestrian traffic then the risks are automatically heightened. Trucks using entry and exit points to the construction site, pedestrian walkways, lane closures or road crossings are danger points and a focus of our carefully crafted traffic management plans.

Whether you need one or two lanes closed on a busy road or multiple road closures with diversions set up to guide traffic away from the immediate area, STA Traffic Management Solutions have the professional team and capabilities to effectively move traffic throughout the city and beyond.

It’s all about identifying the potential risks to workers and the public, then devising a detailed plan that helps mitigate those dangers while allowing traffic to flow and the work to progress. If you don’t have a plan, or it’s not suitable, then the permit process will grind to a halt.

That’s why STA Traffic Management Solutions can be an important part of your project. We supply the Melbourne traffic management plans that project leaders and authorities trust to tick all the right boxes. We understand that safety is paramount and, armed with quality traffic planning software and industry knowledge, we deliver comprehensive plans that won’t let you down.

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