Our electrical spotters in Melbourne a top safety selection

If you have people working in the vicinity of overhead power lines, the risk of danger escalates.

That’s why it is vital to put the correct procedures in place – such as hiring professional electrical spotters in Melbourne – to keep people safe from electric shock and vehicles and equipment from being damaged. The financial ramifications for companies if a serious safety incident occurs can also be high.

At STA Traffic Management Solutions, we have a team of experienced electrical spotters who work on sites across the state capital and further afield including regional cities to keep everyone clear of overhead electricity lines. They can also throw that blanket of protection over building sites and projects where underground assets pose a potential risk too.

With so many things happening on a major building site, it can only take a brief concentration lapse for perhaps a crane operator or tip truck driver to forget about or misjudge an overhead line for a tragedy to occur. But, with one of our electrical spotters keeping a careful watch, the risk is whittled away.

When it comes to electrical spotters Melbourne project leaders can rest assured that our employees are well trained and approved by Electrical Safety Victoria to oversee the movement of plant, equipment and machinery near these dangerous overhead and underground assets including electrical cables and gas lines.

With the use of clear hand signals and whistles, the spotters warn workers on site if they are making dangerous approaches to these assets, swiftly alerting them to potentially unsafe situations and minimising any risk of electrocution.

With so many people employed on busy work sites – be they construction sites, major road upgrades or excavations – safety is paramount. Quality safety plans and well-trained people to put them into practice are an integral part of a professionally run work site. Our electrical spotters are happy to be an important part of the safety mix.

For electrical spotters Melbourne project leaders can rely on for a quality services, turn to STA Traffic Management Solutions. Please contact us for more information.