Melbourne traffic control vital for people’s safety

When you employ a Melbourne traffic control team for your project, you want to select experienced specialists who will deliver a quality result.

After all, you can’t afford to get traffic management wrong when your project involves workers toiling in close proximity to the public and fast-moving traffic. You need a quality team of traffic controllers, working in line with a comprehensive management plan, to make sure the high-risk work has high-level safety standards.

At STA Traffic Management Solutions, we bring more than 20 years of experience to the table when it comes to Melbourne traffic control. We’ve built a business on helping minimise risk to road workers, pedestrians and motorists during large and small construction projects and events on or near roads.

From massive freeway projects to minor works on the local roads network and everything in between, our team of about 100 traffic controllers has forged an excellent reputation in the industry.

Our controllers’ calm, efficient and professional approach to managing traffic is an important part in the safety equation – keeping traffic flowing smoothly and safely around potentially dangerous sites while ensuring workers and pedestrians are well protected.

Whether we are directing traffic near the work site or detouring it around the project, you can rest assured that we have the training, knowledge and equipment to carry out the task professionally.

All our Melbourne traffic control staff are fully trained and accredited and capable of efficiently handling planned and emergency management situations.

While our controllers are a real asset, we can also provide traffic management equipment that helps minimise risk to road users, workers and pedestrians. From pedestrian barriers and arrow boards to variable message signs and truck-mounted attenuators, our equipment is another welcome layer of protection for everyone in the project area.

Our crews are out there every day, on the road, doing their job – controlling traffic and keeping people safe.

At STA Traffic Management Solutions, we’re your one-stop shop when it comes to Melbourne traffic control and management. From providing professional controllers on the ground to creating comprehensive traffic management plans, we’ve got you covered. Please contact us for more information.