Melbourne traffic control team assists with level-crossing congestion

With level crossing upgrades happening across train lines in Victoria, it’s vital to have a professional Melbourne traffic control team in place to keep on-site workers and the public safe.

And, with widespread improvements where road and rail meet, combined with busy school traffic and other construction projects impacting on motorists and pedestrians, it’s no wonder project leaders turn to STA Traffic Management Solutions for assistance with their traffic control plans.

Backed by more than 20 years’ experience in delivering quality Melbourne traffic control and comprehensive services across the state, we have forged a reputation for professionalism, high standards and excellent results.

Whenever you have workers carrying out an infrastructure upgrade near traffic, the danger level rises. Fast-moving vehicles and construction activity are not a safe mix. That’s why it’s important to have industry experts like us involved in devising effective traffic control plans to keep everyone safe and traffic flowing smoothly. We can also provide experienced traffic controllers to work onsite too.

With Victoria’s capital and regional cities growing in size, it is important to have infrastructure that meets the population’s needs. That means constant upgrades of railway level crossings and roads as well as new developments.

The Victorian Government wants to replace 50 level crossings over eight years to improve safety, traffic congestion and travel times across the city. Ten are already complete.

Detailed traffic management planning is part of the upgrade process and professionals such as STA Traffic Management Solutions are key players.

Whether it is about keeping school traffic safe near construction sites or controlling vehicles near level crossing work, we’re proud to help protect workers and the public from potential danger as the state’s infrastructure undergoes improvements.

If you would like to know more about our Melbourne traffic control specialists and services, please contact us at STA Traffic Management Solutions today.