Quality pedestrian management in Melbourne

If you’re planning road upgrades in the state capital it’s vital you have quality Melbourne pedestrian management and control services in place right from the project’s start.

That’s why many organisations turn to STA Traffic Management Solutions’ professional team to deliver top results. We’ve got more than two decades of experience as a trusted provider of traffic control services on projects big and small, ensuring the safe movement of pedestrians and vehicles around busy work sites.

While road upgrades need to be managed carefully, when they are near areas frequented by young people the risk factors can climb even higher.

Recreational areas and shopping precincts can be a beacon to kids and youth, especially outside school hours and terms. And, with more than 1300 schools closing for roughly 13 weeks a year across the city, young people are out and about in greater numbers for concentrated periods of time. Pedestrian management in Melbourne just has to be done right, every hour, every day. People’s lives depend on it – and on our team.

You need to plan carefully and then carry out efficient and effective control measures to ensure pedestrians, motorists and workers stay safe and your project remains on track.

From our detailed risk assessment process right through to getting those vital controls in place, we are committed to keeping safety standards high right through your road upgrade project.

Often these complex projects take place in highly-populated areas with lots of foot and road traffic. They can involve temporarily diverting pedestrian footpaths, relocating pedestrian crossings and creating safe pedestrian passage using safety barriers when footpaths are rerouted onto streets.

We can provide a range of traffic management equipment to boost safety levels and reduce the speed of traffic. We’ve also got a large team of highly-trained staff if you need on-site traffic controllers for your project too.

So take a safe and sensible approach when you plan your next project and talk to the experts – STA Traffic Management Solutions. When it comes to pedestrian management Melbourne organisers of road upgrades trust our professional approach, commitment to safety and quality results.

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