Turn to Melbourne traffic control experts who put safety first

Melbourne is a hustling, bustling city that’s constantly evolving and growing every day.

With new and upgraded road networks, construction projects and major public events part of the fabric of city life, it’s important to have a Melbourne traffic control team you can rely on with confidence.

At STA Traffic Management Solutions we play an integral part in keeping people safe in that danger zone where project workers and the public are in close proximity to each other. Whether it’s on a major freeway upgrade, a local road repair, or even an annual marathon that attracts thousands of runners, our Melbourne traffic control experts work professionally to minimize risk to all concerned.

With more than 20 years’ experience when it comes to delivering quality Melbourne traffic control measures, we won’t let you down. And we’ve a big team of well-trained and qualified staff, including 100 traffic controllers, to draw on to meet your project needs. That means if you need us, we’re there swiftly and efficiently and we’re ready to produce a high-standard result every time.

In our industry, safety is paramount. Construction zones, whether they’re road repairs, building projects or utility improvements, can be high-risk environments for workers, motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike. Because, let’s face it, when there’s moving traffic on wheels or legs in close proximity to busy work sites it’s imperative to have a respected traffic control team providing traffic management support.

From traffic controllers to traffic management plans and traffic equipment including water barriers and arrow boards, it makes sense to turn to STA Traffic Management Solutions for help. While we’re available round the clock, every day on the calendar for planned management needs, it’s also great to know we’ll respond rapidly if you have an emergency situation that requires traffic controllers immediately.

For more information on the comprehensive range of Melbourne traffic control measures we offer, please contact us at STA Traffic Management Solutions.