Compliance a key to quality traffic management across Victoria

Before you select a company to handle the important task of traffic management for your project in Victoria, you need to be sure the staff are suitably qualified and the business fully compliant with all relevant standards.

Managing traffic on and around Victoria’s roads during projects including major roadworks is all about keeping people safe and risk to a minimum. That’s why you have to ensure the team you employ to safely manage that traffic knows what it is doing and doesn’t take any short cuts. People’s lives – be they motorists, pedestrians or workers – are at stake and there’s no place for work that’s less than highly professional.

STA Traffic Management Solutions has forged a reputation for excellence across the state after successfully delivering quality traffic management from planning to on-site traffic controllers for more than 20 years. We set the bar high and expect a lot from our staff and our business as a whole, ensuring every solution we deliver to clients fully complies with government and industry safety standards.

We don’t like surprises in our industry. So we carefully assess each project, shining the spotlight on every piece of the traffic management jigsaw to ensure all parts comply with the relevant authorities. It’s a complex business. It’s our business. And we are very good and very thorough at what we do.

Because we understand the mix of fast-moving vehicles, pedestrians and contractors can be a dangerous one, we make sure every traffic controller we send out is qualified and experienced. We don’t take risks with our staff and that commitment to safety flows through to all aspects of our work.

To people outside our industry, compliance qualifications and standards might seem like a bewildering jumble of letters and numbers. But each and every one of them plays an important role in ensuring high standards of safety and excellence during traffic management in Victoria. That’s good news for us, for our clients and for the general public.

All our staff have a certified traffic controller’s certificate while our spotters undergo Electrical Safety Victoria training. We adhere to a long list of compliance qualifications and standards that cover areas including occupational health and safety, environmental management and quality management systems, the Victorian Road Management Act and the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices. It all adds up to a greater level of protection for people and projects.

The bottom line is we take qualifications and compliance incredibly seriously in every part of our traffic management work across Victoria. If you would like to know more, please contact us at STA Traffic Management Solutions.