Road traffic control for Melbourne events

Melbourne is an undisputed sporting capital. It is home to the mighty MCG, the Australian Open and plenty of other grand venues and popular events. Combine those sporting spectaculars with summer and it’s time to roll out the welcome mat and ready your Melbourne road traffic control measures, because the hordes are getting ready to arrive – the competitors, the spectators and the workers.

Summer fun runs, triathlons and other events trigger increased foot traffic and road closures regardless of whether they are based on the state capital’s streets or in stadiums. When there’s up to 100,000 people flocking to the MCG for the Boxing Day Test, or a large pack of runners warming up for a charity run through the city, organisers need to ensure they have quality traffic plans in place for their event to run smoothly. That’s where STA Traffic Management Solutions can help. As a Melbourne-based road traffic control company, we are well-placed to provide traffic control to ensure your event hits the headlines for all the right reasons.

After more than two decades in the business, STA Traffic Management Solutions has built up a team of about 100 traffic controllers who professionally co-ordinate traffic on the front-line, helping keep motorists, pedestrians, workers and event participants safe. Our team has forged a strong reputation for excellence when it comes to delivering road traffic control measures that can include multiple road closures, detours and footpath closures. And when the event is finished, we re-open traffic routes on schedule so life returns as normal to the road network.

Because we’ve been in the industry for so long, we know just what equipment can be used to enhance safety. Our range includes pedestrian barriers, portable traffic lights and water barriers.

But well before the event competitors start stretching their muscles or spectators begin to arrive, a power of work has already been done to ensure their safety. Road traffic control plans have been created down to minute details, fulfilling strict regulations and conditions imposed by authorities.

Our team can handle traffic control from start to finish, from comprehensive planning through to `boots on the ground’ managing traffic during the event. We’ve earned our good reputation by delivering quality work.

So if you are after Melbourne road traffic control experts to help ensure your sporting event runs smoothly, please contact us at STA Traffic Management Solutions to find out how we can assist.