Keep safe with Victoria electrical spotters

While the New Year brings new projects, the need for safe conditions on site remains unchanged. So keep your workers in Victoria protected on site by having quality electrical spotters on hand.

Let’s face it, all employers want their staff to return home safely to family and friends at the end of the working day, no matter what area they operate in. Electrical spotters, working in a range of environments including road works, construction sites and excavations, are there to help ensure that happens. They play an active role in minimising the risk of workers accidentally touching overhead electricity lines as well as those under the ground.

STA Traffic Management Solutions has an experienced and qualified team of electrical spotters who can look out for your employees’ safety. Using a series of hand signals and whistles, our Electrical Safety Victoria Approved spotters work to stop potentially unsafe approaches to electrical equipment including overhead power lines.

At STA Traffic Management Solutions we understand that working near electrical assets such as lines and cables is dangerous. If things go wrong, the outcome can be deadly to people and extremely damaging to assets. That’s why our experienced and trained spotters are so important in overseeing plant, vehicle and equipment operations near underground electricity cables and other services and overhead powerlines. They also hold appropriate first aid qualifications and spotters ticket.

In work sites across Victoria electrical spotters from our trusted team are making a real difference when it comes to keeping workers safe near electricity assets. It’s a role we’re proud of – and one at which we excel.

If you would like more information about our Victoria electrical spotters, please contact us at STA Traffic Management Solutions to see how our team can help keep your staff and assets safe.