Rely on STA Traffic for your traffic management plans Victoria-wide

Along with an increased awareness of the importance of our physical fitness we have seen an increase in the number of fitness-based events taking place throughout Victoria – fun runs, triathlons, bike rides, even family walking events with pets! Whether as big as a marathon with thousands of participants or as small as a fun run to raise money for the local primary school, you will need a permit from Victoria Police in order to conduct the event.

Victoria Police requires that where an event to be conducted on public roads involves more than 30 participants and one of the participants is declared a winner at the end of the event, a permit must be obtained. Under the conditions of the race permit you are also required to liaise with Local Government and Vic Roads to ensure that any conditions imposed by them are also complied with.

Other conditions of the permit include the deployment of marshals to assist competitors, with these marshals suitably identified and wearing bright orange vests or jackets. Are there to be support vehicles involved? If so, they must all comply strictly with the Road Safety Road Rules 2009.

With such involved requirements and conditions, it is best to get the advice of the professionals in road safety and traffic management. STA Traffic provides comprehensive traffic management plans Victoria-wide and will assist you with planning a sporting event to ensure public safety and a successful event. Contact our friendly team and let us work with you to create the best conditions for your event, whatever it may be.