Traffic management to accommodate Ballarat’s growth

Ballarat is fast becoming one of Victoria’s most liveable cities and the recent growth in population indicates that many people agree with this sentiment. With affordable housing and access to great employment opportunities, people are choosing to move to Ballarat in greater numbers than ever before. Indeed the past five years has seen strong growth and the current forecast predicts that the population swell from the current number of 99,474 in 2014 to 128,331 by 2031. This represents an increase of almost 29%.

With such growth comes substantial development. Housing, job opportunities, business premises and improved infrastructure will be needed if Ballarat is to grow as expected. A higher population means more people on the roads, more vehicles and higher volumes of traffic. Short to medium-term infrastructure issues created by population growth need to be addressed and dealt with by qualified and experienced companies who are well-equipped to provide effective traffic management.

STA Traffic Management Solutions is the experienced and established industry leader able to offer the city of Ballarat traffic management services as its population and road use grows now and in the future.