Melbourne road traffic control with STA Traffic

Throughout Victoria and Melbourne, road traffic control personnel must undertake specialist training to qualify them to work in the industry. This training ensures that they are aware of the responsibilities and legal obligations they have. Training also covers how and when to use traffic control equipment and devices to enable each worker to provide a safe working environment for those individuals on site as well as motorists and pedestrians who need to follow the changed road conditions.

Further training is needed for those who are planning and implementing traffic management plans. Traffic control personnel need to be able to identify hazards associated with a construction work site or other event where road conditions need to be altered. These could include fun runs and cycling events, parades, protest marches and many other large and small scale events. Participants in these events need to be able to easily follow the intended route with markings and instructions clearly indicated to all. Others affected by changes in road conditions include spectators and pedestrians. Physical barricades might need to be put in place to keep spectators and pedestrians safe from participants who might be moving at pace, particularly if they are large in number or on bicycles.

Road users are the main group affected by changes in road conditions. Those in motor vehicles are travelling at speed and need adequate notice of any alterations in the upcoming road to give them time to alter their driving. This could include lowering speed, moving from one lane to another, following a different route to that normally taken. At STA Traffic we utilise our extensive range of equipment to ensure drivers expect an upcoming stoppage or change in road conditions and clearly understand how to act while driving through or around an obstacle.

STA Traffic provide Melbourne road traffic control which is well-placed by trained professionals to ensure the safety of workers, drivers and event participants among high volume traffic moving at fast speeds.