Qualified electrical spotters in Victoria

Electrical spotters

Our electrical spotters are qualified and have been approved by Electrical Safety Victoria (ESV) to work with plant and equipment in the vicinity of overhead and underground electrical assets.

What is the role of an electrical spotter? Essentially, they look out for workers on sites where there is a chance of making contact with electrical power lines and assets overhead and underground. They have an extremely important role based in human safety and electrical asset protection. Human life is the clear priority, as individuals can not be replaced. Whilst damage to power lines or underground electrical assets can be costly and cause disruption to local residents and businesses.

Electrical spotters use whistles and hand signals to communicate with workers on construction sites, undertaking road works, operating cranes, performing excavations, and much more. In line with ESV’s General Requirements to act as a Spotter, each of ours have a current Level 2 First Aid Certificate or current First Aid Certificate that complies with the Code for First Aid in the Work Place, current CPR/EAR certificate, and other appropriate levels of competency.

Based in Melbourne, we service Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong and more across Victoria. Please contact us for qualified electrical spotters who know how to look out for the safety of you, your workers, and the surrounding environment.

Click above image to read full Energy Safe Victoria document ‘General Requirements to act as a Spotter with plant and equipment that is working in the vicinity of overhead electrical assets.’