VicRoads Traffic Controllers Guidelines and qualifications

Traffic control guidelines

We’ve heard people say that “anyone can hold a stop sign”. But this is not the case! People who hold stop/slow signs are qualified traffic controllers who have a range of skills including maintaining traffic control in the case of an emergency. Operating in and around Melbourne’s CBD and suburbs we can tell you this is no easy task!

Our staff are professionals who know how to read a worksite and the surrounding roads and traffic so that everyone remains safe at all times. We value safety above all else – it is absolutely imperative when it comes to working with people, roads and moving vehicles. That’s why all our traffic controllers are qualified professionals holding a Traffic Controllers Certificate.

In addition to this we adhere to the VicRoads Guidelines for Traffic Controllers which includes information about:

  • key responsibilities and authority
  • applicable laws
  • using stop/slow signs
  • use of other equipment including radios
  • visibility
  • railway crossings
  • safety
  • behaviour and attitudes
  • emergency situation responses, and much more.

The key responsibilities of a qualified traffic controller includes caring for the safety of oneself, the safety of colleagues and the safety of drivers and all other road users (i.e. pedestrians and cyclists). As a secondary focus to safety, a traffic controller will also minimise delays to traffic by allowing drivers to pass through or around a roadwork’s site safely.

If you need scheduled or emergency traffic control in Melbourne, please contact us.