Bendigo traffic equipment hire for road works

Portable traffic lights

We are based in Melbourne servicing Victoria wide for traffic equipment hire, including Bendigo. The City of Greater Bendigo is a rapidly growing regional centre, with its population forecast to reach 111,110 this year.

To sustain growth improvements and additions should be made to important infrastructure including more roads, safer roads and better connected roads.

This requires road works and road works require careful planning and management to ensure the safety of near-by residents and all road users.

We provide traffic equipment hire, which includes portable traffic lights. These are particularly useful in cases where a two-way double-lane road is reduced to one two-way lane. While works are conducted on one lane, traffic can still pass through using the other lane. Portable traffic lights positioned at each end of the closure ensures no head-on collisions of cars passing through the single lane. This allows people to travel both ways safely, minimising risk and upholding traffic order.

Please contact us for traffic equipment hire in Bendigo, including for portable traffic lights.