Melbourne Traffic control management

Minimising on-site risk

STA Traffic has an incredible 20-year-record of keeping people safe by minimising risk when it comes to traffic control management.

Our Melbourne traffic management solutions comply fully with Government and Industry safety standards.

Our compliance qualifications and the standards we adhere to include:

  • VicRoads pre-qualified;
  • All personnel hold a Certified Traffic Controller’s Certificate;
  • ISO9001 (independently audited and certified Quality Management program);
  • AS4801 (independently audited and certified Occupational Health & Safety);
  • A complete understanding of measures needed to comply with the Victorian Road Management Act;
  • AS 1742.3:2009 (Manual Of Uniform Traffic Control Devices);
  • All STA Spotters have successfully completed Electrical Safety Victoria (ESV) training.

Being qualified and compliant minimises risk because we are trained to work safely and have extensive understanding of traffic management solutions.