Melbourne road traffic control

Electrical spotters and working with power lines

Electrical incidences can be costly for both workers and companies – and not just financially. Working with electricity requires the utmost attention to care for on-site staff in order to minimise risking their personal safety.

Overhead power lines often need maintenance, particularly after storms, high winds or extreme weather of any kind.

Power lines can be dangerous to work with as they pose an overhead risk to staff, with approaching danger not always apparent.

This is why we employ electrical spotters to warn others about unsafe approaches to electrical equipment. They play an important role in protecting staff working on overhead power lines.

Our electrical spotters are Electrical Safety Victoria Approved, which means they are fully qualified to oversee any works to do with power lines.

Electrical spotters use a combination of hand signals and whistles to communicate potentially unsafe advances to other staff.

Power lines in the city, suburbs and residential areas, such as Melbourne, are always on or near roads.

This means whenever you are doing works on power lines you will need road traffic control. We have a highly-skilled and competent team of approximately 100 traffic controllers to ensure the safety of both the public and workers.

We can deploy electrical spotters and traffic controllers anywhere in Melbourne, Geelong and regional Victoria.

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