Trusted electrical spotters for Melbourne projects

When hiring electrical spotters in Melbourne for your project, you can rest assured that you are getting qualified professionals who are on high alert for any unsafe approaches. Electrical spotters perform a vital role every time they turn up for work. They are the ever-vigilant eyes that are always on the lookout for danger when equipment and plant are operating near overhead power lines.

Using whistles and hand signals, they warn workers about potentially dangerous environments or electrical equipment. Crane drivers, tip truck operators and all others working in the vicinity of overhead powerlines pay close attention to those alerts, knowing the system is there to keep them safe from harm, such as electrocution.

At STA Traffic Management Solutions, our accredited spotters can be found hard at work on building sites, civil constructions, rail and a host of other projects. The minute work starts between 3m and 6.4m of overhead electricity lines, project leaders are required to have a qualified spotter on the ground, overseeing the action.

Keeping people safe

As professionals, no one is immune to making mistakes every once in a while. Electrical spotters help to reduce the number of mistakes that can be made or prevent them altogether by being the extra set of eyes when doing hazardous or risky work.

When our staff begins their job on site, they are inducted into the full gamut of site safety procedures. They stay on the task for the full duration the plant machinery operates. A spotter can only watch one item of plant at a time and must ensure they are in a good position to easily monitor the distance between the power lines and equipment. And if workers get too close to the No Go Zone, the spotters swiftly signal the danger.

Our electrical spotters in Melbourne have Energy Safe Victoria approval to oversee the operation of vehicles, plant and equipment in the vicinity of powerlines, underground cables and other electrical services. As well as completing an endorsed spotter training course, all have First Aid and CPR training, clear communication skills and are at least 18 years of age. They are experienced, professional and play an important role in keeping people safe.

For more information about our electrical spotters in Melbourne, contact STA Traffic Management Solutions on 1300 25 26 27.