STA Traffic’s fleet management systems create efficiencies and gives us the edge

STA Traffic’s fleet management systems give us an edge over our competitors when it comes to delivering premier traffic control measures for clients.

What is a fleet management system?

These systems allow us to have real-time information at our fingertips, giving us the live location and status of our vehicles and equipment. We can track where everything is, plan equipment downtime, and manage maintenance requirements. Additionally, if a job requires extra vehicles right away, we can respond swiftly thanks to the advanced software we use.

At STA Traffic Management Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing safe and reliable traffic control management for a diverse range of clients in Melbourne. Traffio is the fleet management software we use and it plays a major role in helping us deliver operational efficiencies for projects big and small across the city. Those efficiencies all contribute to higher safety standards, improved productivity, and meeting project budgets and time frames. It also helps us mount a swift, well-resourced response when we’re called to help in urgent or emergency situations.

Tracking vehicles and maintenance schedules

Our fleet management systems capability in Melbourne allows us to locate individual vehicles in real time via GPS, as well as live bookings with real-time confirmations. Equally as important, our software allows our experienced team to track current and upcoming vehicle maintenance and repair schedules. Having a large fleet of vehicles can make it easy to lose track of these important tasks and schedules which can cause the business to spend a lot more time and money on repairs or replacements.

Being able to carry out preventive maintenance on time is very important, not only on the business’ finances, but also for safety, effectiveness, and efficiency at work. Traffio gives us vital vehicle data which is essential to be able to promptly schedule maintenance works and repairs when needed. Other benefits include vehicle categorisation, documentation, and inductions.

Workforce and equipment management

Traffio also provides a host of benefits when it comes to equipment tracking in areas such as assigning equipment to specific individuals and projects, planning and managing equipment downtime and maintenance. The software can automatically remove equipment undergoing maintenance from the system until repairs are successfully completed. It’s also a real asset when it comes to workforce management and coordination.

Having quality systems in place also allows us to ensure OHS&E standards are being followed as we carefully monitor the use of our equipment and vehicles on and around project sites.

Every client with a large construction or upgrade project to coordinate wants everything to go smoothly and efficiently. STA Traffic Management Solutions specialises in making that happen. Our services are made more effective and efficient with fleet management systems that Melbourne clients can rely on from planning through to project’s end.

Our Operations and Administration Team can provide you with a demonstration of our fleet management software in action at our office in Yarraville. You’ll be able to see in-depth how our advanced systems can be essential for your project. Get in touch with our friendly crew for more information on all your traffic control needs in greater Melbourne