Why traffic control management in Melbourne is crucial to road safety

When you have road workers and fast-moving traffic in close proximity, quality traffic control management in Melbourne must be part of the picture.

Trained, qualified and accredited traffic controllers put road safety in the spotlight. Everyone wants to make it home to loved ones each night and expert traffic controllers help us achieve that goal.

Whether they’re working on a road upgrade or helping manage traffic beside a major construction project, their actions keep traffic flowing smoothly and safely. And when they work to restore traffic flow around a road hazard, they are protecting site workers and the public from further harm.

Traffic control management in Melbourne is all about minimising risk to workers, motorists and pedestrians. Experienced traffic controllers play a crucial role in reducing collisions, injuries and accidents every day they’re on site. Put simply, they keep everyone safe by keeping road users calm and traffic flow steady.

Melbourne’s traffic control experts

At STA Traffic Management Solutions, we’ve spent 25 years doing just that – protecting workers, foot traffic and motorists. We fully understand the dangers that exist when these groups are in close proximity and we are committed to reducing that risk.

All are staff undergo comprehensive training and are experienced and highly skilled at performing their jobs. Their actions are supported by a full range of equipment including truck-mounted attenuators, variable message boards and water barriers.

Effective use of this equipment allows us to warn motorists and pedestrians of the hazard they are approaching. It gives them time to slow and proceed with caution.

From providing control on the ground to creating traffic management plans, STA’s professional crew has helped local and state government bodies, event managers and utility and major construction companies. With values of accountability, compliance and client focus, our quality team has forged a reputation for excellence within the state. We live and breathe safety, whether we’re dealing with an emergency or helping direct traffic around a road upgrade.

For expert traffic control management Melbourne clients trust STA Traffic Management Solutions to deliver a great result. Contact us today on 1300 25 26 27 if you would like to know more about our services.