Melbourne’s traffic control management team supporting the construction boom

With Victoria in the grip of Big Build projects, we’re playing a part by providing expert traffic control management services across Melbourne.

And we’re proud to be involved. There are 119 major rail and road projects underway, either in planning or construction stages in the state. Skilled teams are necessary to plan and carry out these projects, which will improve people’s daily lives when complete.

From projects such as Chandler Highway and Monash Highway upgrades to the Metro Tunnel construction, safety is paramount. That means project organisers must have comprehensive traffic control management plans in place minimising risk to workers, motorists and pedestrians. Effective plans also ensure traffic is properly diverted around construction areas and there is minimum disturbance to road users.

To ensure this happens, you need a team of specialists that understand how to execute a plan on projects of all sizes. STA Traffic Management Solutions capably fit the bill.

When it comes to quality traffic control management Melbourne project leaders can trust our team to capably meet their needs. We’re skilled, we’re experienced and we won’t let you down.

With about 100 trained traffic controllers, we’ve got the manpower to keep people safe and traffic flowing smoothly. We can also supply a range of equipment including variable message signs, truck-mounted attenuators, water barriers and pedestrian barriers.

Melbourne’s population is on the rise. We need new and upgraded road and rail infrastructure so the city functions smoothly for years to come.

Our team will be part of the mix. We’ll keep people safe, delivering quality road traffic control measures in Melbourne while construction takes place.