Traffic control vital during Melbourne’s Chandler Highway upgrade

At STA Traffic Management Solutions, we are proud to provide effective traffic control in Melbourne for major road construction projects including the Chandler Highway upgrade.

The $110 million upgrade, which aims to improve the flow of traffic in the city’s inner north, includes increasing the highway’s width to six lanes and the creation of a new bridge. The bridge opened to vehicles late last year and plays a major role in reducing a traffic bottleneck, the bane of motorists for many years.

STA Traffic Management Solutions enjoys being part of key projects that help shape and improve Victoria’s capital. But when construction teams toil near fast-moving vehicles, it can be a recipe for disaster unless you have in place the quality traffic control Melbourne workers can rely on to help keep them safe.

And that’s what our team offers. We have more than two decades of experience in delivering comprehensive traffic control measures to a wide range of clients. With a 100-strong team of expert traffic controllers to draw on, we work hard to keep workers, pedestrians, motorists and cyclists safe during the busy construction phase.

More than 2000 workers so far have contributed to the Chandler Highway upgrade. It’s a project that, when complete, will deliver a smoother journey in the city’s inner northern reaches.

While our traffic controllers play a key role in keeping everyone safe during road projects, we also supply a great range of safety equipment including pedestrian barriers, variable message signs, arrow boards and truck-mounted attenuators.

Safety is paramount in everything we do. We make sure our staff are highly trained and alert and our traffic management plans always comply with relevant rules and regulations.

As Melbourne’s population continues to grow, upgrading our road network is crucial in keeping this city running smoothly and the Chandler Highway project is an important piece in the complex road network jigsaw.

When it comes to professional traffic control Melbourne projects will benefit from having STA Traffic Management Solution’s experienced team in their corner. Please contact us for more information.