Road traffic control vital during Melbourne’s construction boom

With major infrastructure projects on the go across the city, professional road traffic control in Melbourne is an essential part of the equation to keep people safe from harm.

The city is growing at the fastest rate of any Australian state capital, making infrastructure upgrades and new transport links necessary to keep up with demand as the population expands. But construction work that rubs shoulders with moving vehicles can cause traffic chaos and accidents if it’s not handled carefully.

For quality road traffic control Melbourne construction project leaders can rely on STA Traffic Management Solutions to deliver professional services to keep workers, pedestrians and motorists safe and traffic flowing calmly while work continues.

An ABC news report earlier this year said commuters were struggling with traffic disruptions during peak construction periods on freeways, roads and train lines. With ongoing work to remove dozens of level rail crossings and construction on key projects including the Metro Tunnel and numerous freeways set to continue for several years, it’s not surprising that motorists can get frustrated.

And when people are frustrated, mistakes can happen. That’s when our team’s professional road traffic control in Melbourne comes to the fore. With more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, our highly trained and accredited team can prioritise the safety of workers, motorists and pedestrians and work on minimising time delays for travellers.

Obviously, with all the work taking place delays are unavoidable, but without effective control a delay may very well turn into chaos.

Our skilled team of road traffic controllers is available round the clock, every day of the year, for planned projects. You can also use our services for emergency traffic control too.

While our experienced personnel are a key to our success, they are well supported by a range of traffic management equipment including arrow boards, truck-mounted attenuators, pedestrian barriers and variable message signs.

Please contact us at STA Traffic Management Solutions if you would like to know more about our Melbourne road traffic control services.