Traffic control equipment hire a safe solution

Managing roadworks projects safely and effectively takes comprehensive planning, an experienced team and the right equipment.

At STA Traffic Management Solutions our traffic control equipment hire is the perfect partner in the ongoing push to manage traffic smoothly and effectively around projects big and small.

When it comes to roadworks projects, organisations have traffic management requirements that must be met. It’s all about keeping people safe – people working on site as well as motorists and pedestrians in close proximity to the action – without causing too many disruptions to traffic flow.

Our STA Traffic Management Solutions team knows it is vital to have all the equipment you need to make this important job as easy as possible. And that’s why we offer a great range of traffic control equipment hire to our clients, giving them peace of mind that they can access all they need from the one company.

Whether you want traffic control essentials such as variable message signs, pedestrian barriers, portable traffic lights or truck-mounted attenuators, we have you covered. Our hire list is extensive and we are here to help you make safety a priority during your roadworks project.

Traffic control equipment plays a major role in protecting work sites that are near moving vehicles. On busy highways, where a lane may be blocked off while workers repair or upgrade the surface, truck-mounted attenuators can help keep contractors safe from fast-moving traffic. Portable traffic control signals maintain order when vehicles travelling in both directions have to safely share the same lane, or road construction vehicles need right of way. And trusty variable message boards are a valuable tool when it comes to delivering clear traffic directives in the vicinity of road works.

It’s also worth noting that these versatile message boards can also provide traffic with a host of other information too including warning of changed speed limits ahead or informing motorists about travel times and delays.

So don’t chase around different organisations to find traffic control equipment hire you can trust. Turn to the experts – STA Traffic Management Solutions. Let our equipment play a part in keeping your next roadwork project running safely and smoothly. Please contact us for more information.