Delivering traffic control solutions in Bendigo

Bendigo, Victoria’s fourth largest city, boasts an events calendar that is vibrant, varied and very popular. From sporting events, to music festivals and annual gala parades, people attend in their thousands to be part of the atmosphere.

Popular events mean concentrated areas of traffic – on foot and in vehicles – and quality traffic control in Bendigo is a key part of the mix to keep everyone safe and the event a success.

The city is home to more than 82,000 people, with an extra 30,000 rounding out the population of the Greater Bendigo municipality. And those figures are growing, as people awake to the opportunities, lifestyle and affordability this premier regional city offers.

Huge crowds line the streets for the annual Bendigo Easter Festival’s colourful Gala Parade, enjoying the antics of the longest Imperial Chinese Dragon in the world. The city’s national swap meet for car parts is a magnet for car enthusiasts around Australia and overseas, while music events including the Blues and Roots Festival and Groovin the Moo pack their own harmonious punch. Toss in high-profile horse races, football grand finals and festivals showcasing craft beer, food and wine and then watch people flock to be part of the action.

Some events may require road closures, including detours for motorists, while others require careful pedestrian management to keep the public and participants safe.

At STA Traffic Management Solutions, we are well placed to facilitate traffic control for all events Рlarge and small Рas well as other needs including local road works that arise in a thriving regional city. As leaders in traffic management, we can deliver traffic control that will be efficient and safe for people watching and taking part in the event, general traffic Рon road and footpaths Рand people working nearby. And we have more than 20 years of experience in providing quality traffic control for road and construction projects, minimising risk to workers and the public regardless of the situation or location.

We also have a wide range of traffic management equipment at our disposal, including water barriers, pedestrian barriers, arrow boards, truck-mounted attenuators, portable traffic lights and variable message signs.

STA Traffic Management Solutions can also work with you to create a comprehensive traffic management plan for your event or project, meeting all requirements decreed by authorities.

If you have a major event or project that requires traffic control in Bendigo, then contact us for help. Effective traffic control is a key to the smooth running of large events and we can make that happen.