Traffic equipment hire in Ballarat

As the catastrophic storms that hit Sydney and parts of NSW this shown us, it is vital that roads are kept safe for motorists during bad weather. Where there is flooding, debris or fallen trees or power lines and roads need to be closed, motorists need adequate warning and detours need to be clearly marked well in advance. In bad driving conditions such as we have seen on our television screens over the past few days, it is even more imperative that warnings are giving even further in advance than would normally be required.

A wetter-than-normal season is predicted for much of Australia from April through to June, with the City of Ballarat falling into this category. As we have seen in Sydney, when wet weather, wild winds and storm conditions hits, it is vital that roads and detours are signed accordingly.

STA Traffic provide traffic equipment hire in Ballarat, including signage for flooded roads. Variable Message Signs (VMS) can be used to increase road safety when normal road use is restricted or road access is obstructed. VMS’s are self-powered via solar panels and are available in a variety of sizes depending on the road conditions and need for warnings. The message displayed can be remotely altered to suit the changing road conditions, ensuring that motorists are kept up-to-date with those conditions in real time.

Portable traffic lights can take the place of existing traffic lights that may have failed in extreme weather events or where their power source has been compromised by fallen trees or other reasons.

Flashing arrow boards are another important signage measure to increase road safety in bad weather. The trailer-mounted and solar-powered arrow boards can direct traffic towards a detour and away from dangerous road conditions.

You can rely on the team at STA Traffic when wet weather or storm conditions hit. We are on call and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to be on hand when you need us.