Traffic control management in Bendigo

Regional and country road users have a particular set of needs that do not always apply to city drivers. According to statistics from the Road Safety Victoria website, “people in regional and rural Victoria are three times more likely to die and 40 percent more likely to be seriously injured from road crashes”. This has a great deal to do with the different style of driving you need to adopt when on country roads – when in city traffic and other built-up areas, we tend to adopt a more stop-start style of driving. In country areas we drive at a much higher speed – 80 to 100 kph as opposed to 40 to 60 kph in metropolitan areas.

Country road users need to be warned well in advance of any changes in road conditions. Are there roadworks, unsealed roads or potholes, or is there water over the road or fallen trees after a storm? This is particularly important due to the speeds at which road users are driving. Much more warning of a change in road conditions is required when a driving is travelling at 100 kph as opposed to 60 kph. The safety of road workers on country roads also requires specialist traffic management and care. Again, due to the speed of road users it is crucial that both the road workers and road users are protected with adequate warning of upcoming roadworks.

STA Traffic has extensive experience servicing country and regional towns such as Bendigo. We understand the unique needs and behaviours of road users in country areas and will ensure the safety of workers and members of the public when working on projects requiring Bendigo traffic control management. You can rely on the quality equipment, extensive experience and premium services offered by STA Traffic Management Solutions.