How STA Traffic’s road traffic management plans help minimise on-site risk

Construction sites are inherently dangerous places. Heavy machinery, the potential for falling objects and excessive noise to name but a few dangers that exist in a workplace. Managing traffic is essential to providing a safe construction workplace. Traffic can include cars, utilities, delivery trucks, forklifts, excavators and pedestrians such as workers and visitors.

There are also powered-vehicles moving in and around construction workplaces, reversing, loading and unloading. These activities are frequently linked with workplace injuries and even fatalities.

The best and safest way to protect pedestrians in a construction workplace is to eliminate any hazard – which means removing the use of all vehicles or all pedestrians from traffic areas. This could be done by planning the workplace to eliminate any interaction between pedestrians and vehicles.

However this is not always possible or practicable. In this case, the risks must be minimised as much as they can be. The key issues to consider for managing traffic at a construction worksite include:

  • Ensuring pedestrians and vehicles are kept apart, including on site and when vehicles enter and leave the workplace
  • Keeping vehicle movements to a minimum
  • Using lights and noises when vehicles are reversing to warn workers and pedestrians nearby
  • Visibility of pedestrians and vehicles
  • Use of traffic signs
  • Development of a road traffic management plan.

STA Traffic can develop an effective road traffic management plan to help minimise on-site risk at any construction workplace. With STA Traffic, road traffic management in Victoria includes the implementation of a plan to put the following safety measures in place:

  • Advance warning for motorists
  • Sufficient and suitable signage
  • High-visibility clothing worn by workers and employees
  • Pathways for road users and work zone delineation
  • Temporary safety barriers
  • Work zone separation from passing traffic.

STA Traffic Management Solutions design road traffic management plans that satisfy the requirements of the relevant authorities as well as identifying and assisting in minimising on-site risks for your organisation, workplace and members of the public.