Expert traffic management for the West Gate Tunnel Project in Melbourne

As leading providers of traffic management on Melbourne’s roads, we’re proud to play a part in the iconic West Gate Tunnel Project. The multi-billion dollar project will be a game changer for the city and the state of Victoria upon its completion. Providing a crucial alternative to the West Gate Bridge, construction work includes new tunnels, major freeway widening and new bridges spanning the Maribyrnong River.

The trusted team in Melbourne

Whenever major road infrastructure upgrades occur in major cities like Melbourne, you will need a specialist team on the ground delivering high-quality traffic management in the work’s vicinity. STA Traffic Management Solutions’ qualified and skilled staff, made up of traffic controllers, truck and trailer-mounted attenuator (TMA) drivers, electrical spotters, and more, help keep road construction workers and motorists safe in a range of ways. It’s about reducing the risk of accidents so people stay safe and the project runs smoothly.

The West Gate Tunnel Project

With more than 200,000 vehicles using the West Gate Bridge daily, the West Gate Tunnel Project will help ease freeway congestion and increase travel options. Whether people opt for the bridge or tunnel, the upgrade that is set to be completed by the end of 2025 will give motorists more choices, provide better connections, improve travel times, and reduce congestion.

STA Traffic’s responsibilities on the project centre on gate management, access and egress to the ever-changing workstation sites, freeway and lane closures, and placement of TMA vehicles.

Gate Management

Gate management is an essential aspect of the project, as it involves monitoring and controlling the entry and exit points of the construction site. This helps to ensure that only authorised personnel and vehicles are allowed into the site, maintaining safety and minimising disruptions to time-sensitive work and traffic flow.

Access and egress

Access and egress to the workstation sites refer to the provision of safe and efficient entrances and exits for workers and equipment. This involves the deployment of specialised traffic control measures and signage to guide labourers and vehicles to and from workstations.

Road closures

Freeway and lane closures are necessary during construction activities to allow for the safe execution of tasks. STA Traffic is responsible for planning and executing these closures to ensure minimal disruption to traffic flow and maximum safety for workers and motorists.

TMA vehicles

Our TMA drivers are also part of the mix, protecting worksites, project workers, and motorists from errant vehicles. Our carefully placed TMAs work like crash cushions, with the attenuator reducing potential damage to vehicles, structures, and people in the event of a collision. Our comprehensive range of safety equipment is also comprised of barriers and arrow boards that help enhance safety on sites near fast-moving traffic. These safety equipment and our operators, who take pride in their work, are crucial to projects like this.

It’s all hands on deck this autumn at the West Gate Tunnel Project as major structural work triggers road, lane, and ramp closures near Williamstown Road, the bridge (outbound), and Footscray Road (outbound). You can check out the Victorian Government’s Big Build website to stay abreast of any changes to traffic conditions.

If you have a major project planned and need traffic management on Melbourne’s busy roads, go to the team with the runs on the board. And that’s us – STA Traffic Management Solutions. From complex projects like the West Gate Tunnel to suburban road upgrades, we’re your trusted team for expert traffic management and control.

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