Women in Traffic Management

Women are a remarkable part of the STA way and without the team’s amazing range of women working across the traffic control, operations, and TMA Driver departments, the team would not have had the amazing success that it has as one of Melbourne’s best business in traffic and management solutions.

Over a third of the STA team is identified as female and having diversity in the workplace is very important for the longevity and the overall performance of the business. Females of all different ages and demographics have walked through the STA team doors and have been amazing contributors to the success of the company where the workforce has seen an amazing response in the prevention of accidents from having females working in the construction and traffic safety business.

According to Prochoice in 2020, female traffic controllers have been able to increase safety due to their personality attributes often leading to increased safety and reduced road rage. Veteran traffic manager Alison Leydon told Prochoice that she estimates that women now make up around 25 to 30 percent of the traffic control workforce compared to under 5% when she started in the industry several years ago.

On top of this good news from Prochoice, the Victorian Government continues to support the Building Gender Equality: Victoria’s Women in Construction Strategy 2019-2022 plan, where there is a direct focus on obtaining more females in the business of construction and traffic management.

Now seen as an attractive and viable career option traffic control has never had more females working in the industry and this number will continue to grow, closing the gender gap in the industry.

As MP Tim Pallas (Minister for Industrial Relations) says, “Greater diversity makes our workplaces stronger. Greater representation of women in construction will benefit everyone in the industry”.

STA is a massive supporter of women in the traffic management and construction field and we will continue to support this notion for many years to come.

Thanks to all the amazing women out there for being a part of the STA journey.