The importance of pedestrian management in Melbourne

Effective pedestrian management in Melbourne is a must whenever a construction project or road upgrade takes shape.

Keeping pedestrians safe – as well as motorists and workers – is a cornerstone of traffic management plans. And getting it wrong can have deadly consequences.

At STA Traffic Management Solutions, we’ve been helping to keep pedestrians safe for years. Pedestrian management is a core part of our business. We have a professional team and quality equipment to safely manage crowds near road upgrades and commercial and residential construction projects.

And with summer a hive of activity in Melbourne, we’re also here to help with pedestrian safety measures for major events including fun runs and festivals.

It’s all about that combination of careful traffic-control planning, experienced traffic controllers and access to a stable of modern safety equipment. With STA Traffic Management Solutions at the helm, all those factors combine to produce quality pedestrian management and traffic control in Melbourne. We’ll ensure there are adequate buffer zones that keep foot traffic safe while allowing workers to do their job and nearby traffic to flow.

Construction sites are a hive of activity. Trucks, cranes and forklifts are part of the mix. But in bustling Melbourne, the work usually happens in close proximity to a steady stream of pedestrians and motorists. And that increases the risk of danger.

Our team is highly trained and experienced when it comes to keeping pedestrians safe. From devising comprehensive traffic control plans to co-ordinating traffic control measures on the ground, we can help. Methods include:

  • Creating highly-visible pedestrian walkways to keep foot traffic safe;
  • Using safety equipment including pedestrian barriers and water barriers to separate foot traffic from vehicles;
  • And providing well-trained, qualified traffic controllers to safely manage the flow of pedestrians, motorists and workers.

For quality pedestrian management Melbourne project leaders can rely on STA Traffic Management Solutions to get the job done correctly and safely every time.

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