ESV-approved Melbourne electrical spotters

Safety always comes first when working with or near electrical cables and power lines.

It’s a healthy attitude that all people working in such environments need to adopt to keep themselves and others safe from serious accidents.

At STA Traffic Management Solutions we send our Melbourne electrical spotters into these environments to keep people from harm’s way. Our spotters, who are all Energy Save Victoria-approved, play a key role in reducing risk to workers, machinery and vehicles on worksites across the city.

Electrical spotters have an important job to do and our crew does that job well. People’s lives depend on our spotters and we have a passion for keeping people safe.

Our trained and experienced spotters, using hand signals and whistles, warn workers if they are in danger of making contact with overhead or underground electricity assets. The minute an unsafe approach begins, the electrical spotter raises the alarm and stops the movement of the worker and vehicle or machinery to prevent injury and damage. It’s a life-saving role carried out by vigilant professionals to protect employees including crane drivers, mobile plant operators and tip-truck drivers from the risk of electric shock.

Our Melbourne electrical spotters carry all the required qualifications in fields including first aid and are an essential part of any working site with overhead powerlines in close proximity to the activity.

Across Melbourne electrical spotters from STA Traffic Management Solutions are hard at work every day, keeping people and property from serious harm. If you are interested in using our spotters on your project, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.