Ballarat traffic management important for planned road upgrades

Ballarat traffic management plans are a vital part of the planned upgrades to the regional city’s roads over the next 25 years.

Ballarat, with a population nudging 100,000 people, is an important regional town that’s growing bigger every year. And with those new residents comes a need for new infrastructure including roads.

With new roads planned to deliver environmental, social and economic benefits, it’s important to have evolving traffic management plans in place, for the benefit of motorists, pedestrians, cyclists and road workers.

STA Traffic Management Solutions has more than 20 years of experience in producing quality traffic management plans that meet the strict requirements and safety codes of all tiers of government. We draw on sophisticated traffic planning software when developing our comprehensive plans, which play a key part in helping minimise risk on work sites.

Ballarat has big plans for the future, especially in its western growth corridor. It’s an area that’s earmarked for major change including thousands of new houses, up to 40,000 new residents and a major employment zone. New infrastructure will be an important mix in the successful `growth’ equation, with projects including the Ballarat Western Link road a priority.

The team at STA Traffic Management Solutions knows the huge amount of careful planning that goes into infrastructure projects. We’ve worked with clients including government departments and large developers on projects that involved single lane closures right up to major new highway construction. And throughout it all, safety is our key driver. It has to be, because people’s lives depend on the quality of these plans.

If your Ballarat project requires quality traffic management plans, talk to the experts in this field. That’s us. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.