Traffic equipment hire for Ballarat’s road projects

Ballarat’s population is on the rise, triggering a continual need to upgrade the city’s roads to meet increased demand.

And when you extend roads, upgrade them or create new ones, safety must come first during the construction process. That’s where STA Traffic Management Solutions can help, offering quality traffic equipment hire in Ballarat to cover all types of road projects ranging from residential street works to major highway upgrades.

Our large range of quality equipment includes pedestrian and water barriers, flashing arrow boards, variable message signs, portable traffic lights and truck mounted attenuators. These items are proven performers when it comes delivering safe environments around road construction projects.

Ballarat, a former gold rush boom town, is a key inland service centre. During those heady gold rush days in the early 1850s, its population swelled by an impressive 20,000 in a few months. Just under 100,000 people call the city and surrounds home now. That number is increasing every year, with a key greenfield land development plan in the city’s west expected to add 14,000 new homes and between 30,000 to 40,000 new residents.

Put simply, more residents equal more traffic. That means roads within Ballarat, and to and from the city, will be under the spotlight to ensure they are coping with traffic volume. And when road construction occurs, we’re adamant that spotlight should shine strongly on safety. One of the key factors in a successful road construction project is safety – keeping workers, motorists and pedestrians safe – and our traffic equipment hire can play a major role in ensuring organisations meet their traffic management requirements in this respect.

If you would like more information about our traffic equipment hire in Ballarat, please contact us at STA Traffic Management Solutions.