Traffic management Melbourne

Triathlon season

From October through to March, official Triathlon season is on in Australia.

Many great events are held including Victoria’s premier triathlon series – the Gatorade series. There are five triathlons in the Gatorade series, held in three different locations: Elwood, St Kilda (both in Melbourne) and Portarlington.


Triathlons are unique because they require both parking facilities and road closures. In areas where there are limited parking options a temporary car park may be set up to cater for entrants. Similarly, triathlons require road closures for both the bike leg of the race and also the run.

Some of the bike legs are quite lengthy and require a large section of closed road to protect the large volume of riders from cars and other traffic. Triathlons require careful traffic management skills to cater to the large volume of entrants, spectators and volunteers.

In addition, residents and businesses need adequate notification of road closures that may affect them so they can prepare to take an alternate route.

A triathlon is spread over a large area and needs a company with the capacity to deliver on a large event. We have the staff and resources to manage a large-scale traffic solution for an event such as a triathlon with thousands of participants and road closures.

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