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Workforce and fleet management

STA’s Fleet and Workforce Management Systems

Tier one Traffic Management businesses are relied upon to be flexible and on short notice, increase staff availability to meet the varying demands of our client’s for a diversity of applications from Freeway closures to major civil works, festivals, public events, project occupations to emergency situations, where specialised Traffic Controllers are required after hours and at short notice.

Increasingly, when planning all types of Traffic Management projects, detailed site inductions and relevant certifications is essential. Traffic Controllers holding White cards, Police Checks, Working with Children cards, Rail Cards and First Aid Certificates now form part of the basic entry requirements for Traffic Controllers to operate, Notwithstanding the importance of specific site inductions. When considering safety our Traffic Controllers must have the right experience and expertise to ensure our clients have peace of mind and ensure the safety of their staff and the general public, makes the selection and allocation of suitable traffic controllers an important part of the job allocation process.

Combining this with accurate Traffic Management Plans, supporting safety documentation (SWMS and JSA’s) matched to the right equipment, like Attenuators, Arrow boards, bollards and Variable Message Signs, makes the allocation and matching of Traffic Controllers, their experience, accurate documentation and equipment to each job an exacting science.

GPS tacking of our Vehicle fleet and all other rolling assets like Attenuators, Arrow Boards, Light towers and VMS boards, enables us to quickly identify the exact location of our rolling assets and when required quickly re-deploy them saving our clients time and money.

To ensure we accurately bring all this together systematically and coordinate all these inputs with hundreds of Traffic Controllers and sites – STA uses specialised resource planning and Management software. Our software offers our clients many benefits:

Rostering and Pre-Project planning – Right time Every time.

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  • Improves our response times when coordinating emergency call outs
  • Allows STA to quickly coordinate multiple resources for each job and lower lead times for pre-project planning.
  • Lowers our clients Traffic Management costs as we maximise the utilisation of equipment documentation and Traffic Controllers – As we have a single historical view of all Traffic Controllers their certification and experience.
  • Planning the unique requirements of each Project (Start and finish times, special conditions like fatigue policies, warnings) other project requirements are all coordinated within this process and managed Automatically.
  • We can respond to changes and dispatch updates warnings and changes in real time to individual Traffic Controllers or specific workgroups.

Traffic Controllers – Experienced on time and Organised

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  • Traffic Controller response times and communication is made easier and faster as they interface with our rostering and planning systems via smartphone.
  • Traffic Controllers have a single historical and up to date view of all site documentation – Traffic Management Plans, SWMS, JSA’s and special instructions.
  • Shift changes, cancellations, pre-start meeting locations, site specific warnings – alterations to TMP’s and more are all relayed in real time


  • Traffic Controllers have visibility of future rosters, projects and site locations making pre start preparation easier to plan and reduces confusion with job and Traffic Controller site allocation.
  • Traffic Controller arrival times, breaks and sign off times are managed via smartphone and electronic dockets are dispatched immediately, making document management and cost reviews easier for Site Supervisors to reference and report.

The latest Equipment – we have everything you need

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  • Ensuring legislative conformity, OHS&E standards, vehicle site compliance and equipment suitability is all tracked via our real time fleet and equipment monitoring software.
  • GPS tracking, fleet compliance, location, use, service repairs maintenance and application is all done in real time.
  • Tracking site arrival and departure times, speed restrictions and post project reporting are undertaken after each shift.
  • Unsafe driving habits, work hour tracking, fleet performance and exception reporting all form part our automatic equipment and fleet management system.

Project Reporting – Quick and Easy

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  • Electronic job dockets a can be provided after each shift, at the end of each week or month.
  • Individual Traffic Controller role allocation, site location, shift, breaks times and equipment can be reported as requested.
  • Invoice reconciliation, site and project referencing can be created for each job client or be tailored for site specific requirements.

Our integrated cloud based electronic resource, project and equipment management systems are run by our team of Operations and administration staff from our inner-city depot in Yarraville. We invite you to visit us at any time and see first hand how STA Traffic Management makes life easier for our clients to get on with the projects.